Three Roll Mills are used for dispersing, homogenizing, refinning, deaerating and cooling different kind of pastes such as paints and printing inks, colouring crayons, pigmented coating compounds, artist’s colours, plastics pastes, chocolate, lipstick and skin care products, eye makeup, fine soaps, etc.
Rolls are made of special hardened alloy. Rolls can be cooled or heated. Gears are lubricated as the rolls run.
The preasure between the rolls and the preasure of scraper blade are hydraulically set. The preasure is applied by the feeding and middle rolls to the discharge roll in fixed position. This system simplifize the gaps adjustment. In special cases preasure can be applied to the feeding and discharge rolls separately.
The temperature of each roll can be controlled individualy. The working temperature of each roll is displayed by digital indicators.
The rolls temperature can be preselected and remain constant throughout operation.
Three Roll Mills are equipped with different safety devices like, emergency cutout switchs on both infeed and discharge rolls, safety bar above the feed hopper, hydraulic overload protection to prevent roll damage.