The MH-PV mixer series have been designed for mixing, kneading and degassing viscous, heat-sensetive, cohesive, pastes and crumbly masses such as adhesives, plastisols, sealing compounds, printing ink, dental plastics, battery compounds, cream cracker doughs, etc.
The process of mixing and kneading is performed by means of two bladed shafts with rotational and planetary movements, runing in anti-friction bearings. The unit is also equipped with a scraper blade by which the tank wall is constantly swept. This system prevents riding of the
material and accelerates the incorporation of fine powdery solids. Shafts can be easily demounted.
Mounted on fixed and swivel castors. Change can is easily movable. Catch pins locate the change can in exact central position.
The vacuum system removes air voids form the mix giving smoother end product with additional gloss and consistency.
Jacketed tank for cooling, or heating. Components in contact with mix made of individually specified materials. Sight glass and interior light. Mixing tank with bottom discharge suitable for hydraulic
discharge ram. Drive to agitator system through pole-changing motor, or by frequency-controlled three-phase motor.